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A Pagan Family Holiday Celebration: Mabon

Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox, is celebrated circa September 21st, and is the second of the three Pagan harvest festivals. Mabon was a Welsh hero celebrated in mythology for his many adventures and quests.
At the Autumn Equinox, day and night hang in perfect balance, but now the light will be overtaken by darkness. Days will grow shorter and nights will grow longer. At Mabon, we prepare to bid farewell to the Sun God, who is growing weaker with each passing day. Soon he will die, giving himself to the Earth, so that he can be born again at the Winter Solstice- for this is the cycle of life.

Mabon is something of the Pagan Thanksgiving, a time for being thankful for the harvest and bounty of the Earth, as well as a time for reflection as we move towards the long, cold winter.

Here are some great activities to enjoy with your family at Mabon:

Tell Mabon's Story

Look up the adventures of Mabon, Son of Modred, in mythology books and web sites and tell the hero's tale. Share tales of other heros you have admired with each other.

Put the Garden to Bed

Get your garden ready for the Winter by cleaning it up, cleaning and storing your tools, and preparing the ground for it's long sleep.

Store Vegetables

If you practice canning or freezing of your garden harvest, Mabon is a perfect time to begin this, just as our ancestors at this time would begin preparing their food stores for the Winter. If you don't have a garden, take a trip to the farmers market and bring some fresh produce from the Summer's yielding home to preserve it. Even just drying herbs is a great way to commemorate the season.

Make a Besom

A besom is a ritual broom used for purification and cleansing of the home. It can be made by finding a sturdy branch, and some brush branches tied with twine to secure it. You don't actually sweep with it, but mock sweeping while chanting in order to rid the home of negative energies throughout the year.

Get some Apples

Apples are a prime symbol for the fall, and make great decorations. Make apple prints by cutting them in half and brushing paint onto them, then pressing them on to paper. Cook apple dishes like apple sauce and apple pie. Make apple dollies by decorating the apple as a head, then allowing it to dry and attaching it to a piece of cloth for the "gown" or "body."

Collect some Natural Items

Go for a walk in a natural area to admire the beauty of the season. Collect some pine cones and acorns to be used in your Winter rituals. Collect beautiful fall leaves, and press them to preserve them in your photo album, or string them to hang over your doors and windows as garland.