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Amulets and Talismans for Magic

Amulets and talismans are excellent physical representations of magic spells, especially when used with magical correspondences. Amulets are used to ward off unwanted events, forces or objects while talismans are used to attract things or outcomes. Below are examples of popular and store-bought amulets and talismans as well as construction techniques for inexpensive yet magically effective handmade items.
Examples of Amulets and Talismans in Popular Culture

Talismans are part of the popular culture as lucky charms and include old standbys such as the four-leaf clover, the rabbit's foot and lucky coins. Amulets can be considered lucky charms also since one of their purposes is to keep people safe from harm. Examples of these are pendants with symbols that are purported to avert the evil eye.

Cleansing Store-Bought Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and talismans that are either purchased or given as gifts can be enhanced magically with the desired intent such as good luck and attracting money. First, any residual energy left on the object needs to be cleared through smudging with incense, burying, visualization or other preferred method. Many people like to make their own magical tools so that they are in control of exactly what energy has gone into the object.

Techniques for Construction of Amulets and Talismans

Construction of amulets and talismans need not be complex. Drawing symbols on parchment paper while ritually charging them with the desired magical effect is just one simple technique. Carrying pouches with protective herbs or wearing pendants that hold magic oils are other ways to do this as well as charging a piece of jewelry by holding it and visualizing its purpose. Pagan rosaries can be specifically made for protection, healing, good luck and love to carry or wear.

Making Amulets and Talismans with Cord Magic

While elaborate spells can be done to charge the object, a simple spell can also be performed over several days to build up the energy of the magical item. Cord magic is an example of such as spell and explained below.

1. Tie a knot in a length of cord every day over a seven-day period.
2. With each knot, pray or chant the purpose for the item.
3. After seven days, the amulet or talisman is fully charged and can be carried, worn or placed where it will do the most good.
4. The cord should be destroyed when it has served its purpose.

Using Correspondences with Amulets and Talismans

Cord magic combined with color correspondences would make amulets and talismans more powerful. Below is a list of common color correspondences. Use a cord of the specific color to add to the spell's power.

- White: Purity, peace and spirituality.
- Black: Banishing, protection from negativity.
- Red: Passion, strength, courage.
- Blue: Tranquility, intuition, healing.
- Green: Wealth, prosperity, fertility.
- Orange: Vitality, energy, sexuality.
- Yellow: Study, intelligence, confidence.
- Brown: Stability, home and hearth.
- Gray: Balance, walking between two worlds.

Making amulets and talismans during certain phases of the moon can add even more power to the completed objects. To learn more about moon phases, visit Moon Phases in Magic: A Powerful Way for Timing Spells.