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Black Magic and the Punishment of Captain Cutts

As Halloween approaches friends take turns trying to tell the scariest story. In a small town in the Northwest there is one story that is never told around Halloween in fear that it will awaken the black magic.
It has been generations since anyone has told the whole story. No one is even sure that the true story exists. Yet, no one is willing to take the chance of telling parts of the story.

Researching the story is outlawed. The law is not on the books. Parents pass the warning down to their children from generation to generation.

In this old fishing village in the year 2009, Sarah and her boy friend Mike were cleaning out Mike's grandmother's attic. The house had been in the family for six generations. In her will his grandmother had given the house to Mike.

The attic was a historical museum of the fishing village's growth. The transformation from fishing village to tourist town was clearly documented. Mike was preparing to donate these items to the new town historical museum.

The day was hot, the attic was stuffy Sarah needed some fresh air. "C'mon, Mike we can finish this tomorrow. Let's take a walk around the harbor where the breeze is cool."

"Great idea! We can walk to Kelly's for an ice cream these boxes aren't going anywhere." Just as Mike spoke they heard a thumping in the attic.

Neither of them spoke, they grabbed each others hands, practically running down the stairs to the front door. Safely outside they looked at each other speaking as one, "Did you hear that?"

Mike answered first, "The thumping in the attic, yeah I heard it."
"Me, too." Sarah's quavering voice replied.

"Let's take our walk and forget about it. Sarah, I just want to spend the rest of the afternoon with you." Suggested Mike.

They spent the rest of the day together both trying to push the thoughts of the thumping box out of their mind. Yet, it lingered just out of reach as a bad omen of something to come.

As Sarah slept that night her dreams were filled with witches. Cutt's Island was on fire. The sound of people screaming could be heard over the fire. The smoke covered the sight of any person's body.

Sarah woke up drenched in sweat. The sense of foreboding of evil lurking in the background grew stronger.

Mike slept turbulently. The cruelty of death at the hands of pirates lurked in his dreams. The vivid image of pirates mercilessly cutting the throats of hundreds of innocent victims haunted his mind.

In the morning, as Mike awoke he could not shake the grotesque image of a pirate slashing a person's throat. This did not sit well with Mike.

He quickly dressed, eating his breakfast as he was already late to meet Sarah at the house.
The pirates from his dreams clung to the back of his mind.

As Mike approached the house Sarah was already waiting on the front steps. Sarah looked upset. She was tense and tightly twirling a piece of hair with her finger.
When Sarah saw Mike, she ran into his arms seeking comfort from the nightmare of the previous night. Mike was shocked, yet comforted Sarah by holding her in his arms.

Mike slowly guided Sarah to the steps allowing them to both sit down. Sarah broke down telling Mike how her dreams were filled with witches. In addition, to the sounds of people screaming over the sound of Cutt's Island burning.

Mike tried to make a connection between the pirates, witches and the burning island. Neither Sarah nor Mike had heard of any legend involving these elements. He felt a compulsion to return to the attic.

Sarah was afraid. The dream and the thumping noise in the attic fed her fears. Her desire to prove everything as a part of her imagination drove her up the stairs to the attic.

Mike slowly turned the handle on the attic door. After Sarah followed him into the room the door slammed shut. The thumping sound returned from the corner of the attic. They were compelled to follow the sound.

In a dark corner of the attic sat a small black chest. The chest was twitching from side to side. Sarah and Mike slowly crawled towards the chest. As they reached the chest Sarah and Mike sat mesmerized by the motion of the chest.

As if in a trance Mike moved to open the chest. As if by magic the lock magically sprang open. Sarah lifted the lid to see an old scroll. She felt as if something were compelling her to take the scroll out of the chest.

Mike tried to stop Sarah. She overpowered Mike; a greater power had control of Sarah. Mike was getting really nervous. Mike tried to rip the scroll from Sarah's grasp. For his efforts the power started working its magic on Mike.

Mike asked Sarah to unroll the scroll. Slowly together they began to read out loud. Beware to any who have awakened the black magic. Now that you have started you must suffer the consequences and read the scroll all the way to the end.

The Coven of the Island Witches will not allow Captain Cutts to spill the blood of anymore innocent sailors. For twenty years he has pirated the seas killing all sailors each ship he attacked. Tonight on the full moon at the end of October Captain Cutts will die. Captain Cutts will feel the pain of everyone he has killed with no relief on this night. Every year he will sail his ghost ship screaming in pain until he has sailed one year for every killing.

His island will be ablaze in flames reminding all to stay away from Cutts' Island.

For those who are reading the scroll the curse of Captain Cutts will begin anew. Now, hide the scroll, so it may never release the black magic upon another generation.

Suddenly, Mike and Sarah realized the horrible Halloween event they had released on their community.

As quick as they could they put the scroll in the box running out of the house. They leapt into Mike's car. Drove to the dock, rowed slowly out to Cutt's Island and took the chest out of the boat. Mike and Sarah scaled the rock peak placing the chest in a hidden nook at the top.

Their goal was to have the chest burn tonight on the full moon at the end of October. Mike and Sarah forced themselves to sit on the mainland across from Cutts' Island as dusk appeared. In the darkness of night the screams were horrible, the island was a blaze.

Just as they stood up on wobbly legs clutching each other with the flames, and screams in the background a ghost ship appeared in the mist. Captain Cutt stood at the helm screaming with his throat cut.

Was the world finally safe from the black chest?