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Changing Your World with Observation

I'm going to try to explain this without causing too much of a migraine if possible. There are a few things that need to be understood first to grasp the concept of probability commuting. First off, everything exists in every possible state until observed. Now in the macroscopic world there's a whole lot of observation going on. This means that as long as there has been any interaction that qualifies as "observation" the observable universe has been settling into it's "prevailing state".
The reason I say prevailing state is because the entire universe is a dynamic structure that is continuously changing it's shape and a handfull of it's overall properties. These changes are progressing along in predictable ways. For instance we have determined that the visible universe is expanding at a predictable and accelerating rate. Whether or not that is 100% true or a mistake of perspective may or may not ever be discovered. Who is to say that the universe isn't expanding at the exact same rate it has always expanded at and time is expanding at the edges of the universe because of the relativly low gravitational saturation of the area.

The short of it is the entire structure and operation of the universe is almost entirely if not completely based on observation. Your body is a spaceship for your consciousness. You are traveling through the "para-substance" of space-time. Your trajectory is determined by those who observe you but more so by your own observations of your position. Before this starts sounding really insane lets save the discussion of wether the laws of physics or observation of the laws came first for another time.

It is possible to alter your trajectory through reality to move slightly sideways. Try to picture an infinite field of stars with every star connected to the ones next to it by a line. A being generally can only experience one moment at a time. The moment would be represented by a single star. When you reach a moment you have literally no time to choose because the act of choosing is an analog operation that extends over a distance and an immeasurable number of moments. This is because measuring time is an artificial construct of conscious beings.

When you make a choice it is confined to the very closest probable moments. The universe operates off many principles, one of them being, path of least resistance. To alter your trajectory you need to alter your observation of your position. Your "position" is not just your spacial/temporal coordinates. It is the way you feel and think, what you expect to happen, your belief structure, your very form and operation. Theres alot of information there to try to modify which is why people don't go popping in and out of fairy land and manifesting dragons in the bathroom.

Here are the possibilities. If you can modify your expectations of your environment to a small degree that does not require much or any change in the mechanics of that environment then you will start to drift toward what you expect. People who seem to breeze through life as if a god had paved a golden road for them are people who have at least subconsciously achieved a decent level of skill in observation control. This all sounds very technical and difficult but the reason that it is so hard to explain is because it is so simple, you just can't see it. It's like trying to explain all the possibilities and conditions of air in 3 words.

There are alot of traditions that use differing psychological techniques to achieve healing, life improvement, destructive and other ends. It is all based off of our ability to move ourselves between these regions of probability. Given enough time and enough small nudges you can move to any section of probability that is compatible with your existance. If it is possible to move into an incompatible region, such as a world of antimatter, it would be ill advised to try.

As probability extends forward and backward through time the number of possible pasts and futures expands also. Were you born in a world where lions were indiginous to africa or were you born in a world where they where genetically engineered by a small advanced society that died out when they destroyed themselves in a war 100,000 years ago. Most people would say the former and not the latter, however, it is possible that there are other scenarios of history than the ones we are familiar with that could have led to exactly where we are now. The further back you go the more play you have with what was. Along the same lines the further forward you go, the more variance you have in molding the future.

The most successful people play by the rules, so to speak. They look for very small changes with very big outcomes. You are hampered by where you find yourself to start with. You are not forever bound to that reality though. Do you occupy the "real" world? The one in which magic is complete fantasy, or do you occupy the "real" world where unicorns talk to you on saturdays? If you answered in favor of unicorns you either succeeded splendidly or you possibly need the blue pill.

You have to be careful when playing with observation, it's not about duping yourself into believing in elves hoping they will pop up if you just believe enough. That is not how it works. You have to change the details first. You have to manipulate your position in small steps. An example would be expecting to be connected with someone who can give you a lead on where to go. Then another lead or a new book. following a very patient chain of attempts you will most likely end up at the mall around christmas. Oh look theres an elf next to Santa.

Have you ever heard of the genies' curse? It means that what you wish for will be twisted, in mythology it would be twisted toward dark ends. In reality it is twisted towards "path of least resistance". The harder you push for it to happen now, the more likely you will not get exactly what you wanted. Try it, push hard for expecting money to rain from the sky. If you get any results at all it will most likely be you'll get hit by a car and get a settlement.

Using your expectations of your environment as a tool to beneficial ends does work. Yes it is limited to reality but reality is only limited by what is currently in your scope. Magic, faith, placebo, chance and karma all work off of the same mechanism and operate under the rules that were constructed for them by the observations of their originating cultures. There is a central core reality that limits how far you can stray in the now, but it can't completly stop you from going down a path towards your goals.

Think about this, you don't need to pay for self help books. You don't need gimmicks and classes and guru's. You need to be observant. The very simplest form of observation control is the trite but true phrase "think positive". I hate to even say it because it is so cliche but it's a start. More advanced observation meddlers use a faith or belief system to convince themselves and those in their sphere of influence of their vision of reality. This moves them all together further into that reality in varying degrees.

There are pitfalls in actively trying to mold reality. The most benign form is the reality check. You convince yourself too quickly or to divergently that your view is the totality of reality and you run across an oposing observation that basically slaps you down hard. The worst pitfall is complete self delusion and insanity. The brain continuously rewires itself based on your thoughts, this is called neural plasticity. This is a piece of the mechanism but you have to remember to obey the path of least resistance or you may damage yourself before even making a perceivable change.

In closing, it is possible to manipulate reality to an uncertain degree using mental tricks and backing it up on the material side whenever you can.

It is also possible to drive yourself nuts if you try too hard. I hope I have done a sufficient job in explaining this overlooked mechanism. Whether it is 100% psychology or 100% physics doesn't matter as much as that it does work safely if done with care.