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Facts About Osiris for Pagans and Wiccans

There are different myths associated Osiris. The most popular being The Myth of Osiris and Isis and information located in the book by Sir James Frazer called The Gold Bough. I encourage you to read the different myths and stories surrounding Orisis from many sources if you're interested in the Egyptian pantheon.
1. Osiris was married to his sister Isis. While he traveled the world to spread the teachings of agriculture, Osiris left his wife Isis in charge of the government of Egypt, which is one of the reasons the ancient Egyptians loved her so much.

2. Set was the brother of Osiris and Isis. He despised Osiris because of the love the Egyptian people had for him. Set premeditated a scheme with several others and tricked Osiris into getting into a coffin. As soon as Osiris was inside they closed the door and nailed the coffin shut. The coffin was pushed into the Nile river with Osiris's body still in it.

3. When Isis heard what happen she quickly went looking for her husband. She found his body and by turning herself into a hawk, was able to become pregnant. She later gave birth to Horus in the marsh reeds of the Nile. Him Buto protected Horus from his uncle Set while he grew up.

4. Meanwhile the coffin of Osiris drifted out into the ocean. When it came ashore a tree shot up and surrounded the coffin within its trunk. A nearby king had the tree cut down and made into a pillar in his castle. Isis came to the castle and after using her wittiness was able to convince the king to give her the trunk which contained her brother and husband. The rest of the wood from the truck is still sacred today. It is located in a temple to Isis by the people of Byblus.

5. After recovering Osiris's body, Isis tried to take it with her back. During her journey Set came across the body unguarded one day and stole it. He cut Osiris into fourteen pieces, scattering the body parts so Isis could never find them.

6 Isis crafted a boat out of papyrus and searched the Nile for the pieces of her lover. She found every piece and buried it where it lay which is why there were so many temples to Osiris. The one body part that she could not find was the penis. She molded one so he could be buried completely. This has become a custom amongst the followers of Isis to represent fertility and also the laying to rest of the beloved Osiris.

Facts about Osiris

Osiris's Father: Seb

Osiris's Mother: Nut

Osiris's Siblings: Isis, Set, Nephtys, Horus

Osiris's Children: Horus (In some stories Horus was the brother of Osiris and in others he was the son. Hathor was seen as the mother of Horus but over time she was associated with Isis and the two deities were combined as one)

Osiris's Date of Death: It is thought to be on the 17th day of the Egyptian month of Athyr.

Other associations: Osiris is also attributed to the underworld and the afterlife.