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How to Choose the Right Day to Perform Your Wiccan Magic Spells

When performing Wiccan magic you want to choose the right timing for your spells. While performing your magic on a day or at a time that doesn't correspond to your magical need won't hurt you, it also won't help you. You can perform magic at any time that you choose but if you want every possible thing going for you, it's best to work magic on the right day and at the right time. Performing Wiccan magic on a corresponding day and time will make your spells easier and more successful.
The first thing you might want to consider when planning a spell is the phase of the moon. The moon has three phases - waxing, full and waning. When the moon is growing toward full, it is waxing. When it is decreasing from full to new it is waning. Wiccan magic is often best performed during the waxing moon, especially magic to gain something or increase some part of your life. Wiccan magic performed to rid yourself of something, such as a bad habit, is best performed during the waning moon.

If you are in doubt, it is best to work your Wiccan magic during the waxing moon. Some spells require several repetitions and if this is the case, try to end your rite on the full moon as a symbol of your desire coming to fruition. Learn to work with the phases of the moon first and then move on to choosing the best day of the week for your Wiccan magic.

Days of the week are an important consideration when planning to perform your Wiccan magic. Some days are better suited to certain spells than others. The magical properties listed below for the days of the week should help you in deciding which day is best for your magical need. It is a good idea to keep a copy of these properties in your Book of Shadows for easy reference in future Wiccan magic and spell work.


This is the day best suited for dream magic, healing and spells or magic involving memory, purity and virginity.


This day is best suited for initiation rites, spells of protection or to gain wealth, or magic involving enemies, prison and war.


This is the day best suited for spells of communication, business and travel, or to rid oneself of debt, fear or bad habits.


This day is best suited to rituals of marriage or spells to improve marriage, honor and oaths, harvests, riches and treaties.


This is the day best suited for spells and rituals of beauty, love, sexuality, harmony, family life, friendship, pleasure, fertility and growth.


This day is best suited for magic involving freedom, life, protection, gifts, building and real estate.


This is the day best suited for spells and magic involving creativity, fortune, self-expression, hope, beauty, victory and money.

If your magical need is not listed, try to find the most suitable corresponding day for your Wiccan magic. For example, if I want to perform a spell to stop smoking, I would probably perform it on Wednesday. The magical properties of Wednesday involve ridding oneself of debt, fear and bad habits. Since smoking is a bad habit, it only makes sense that Wednesday would be the most suitable day to perform this particular spell.

Once you have found the correct moon phase and day to perform your Wiccan magic, you will find your spells to be much more effective. You could even go a step further and perform your Wiccan magic on the correct planetary hour but that is a subject for a future article and is not necessary for successful spell work. Working with the correct moon phase and day of the week should be all you need to boost the power of your spells. Good luck and Blessed be!