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How to Use a Book of Shadows: Guide for Beginners

How to Use a Book of Shadows: Instructions - Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Things You'll Need:

Hard covered blank journal or diary.
Pen to write with

Step 1:

To make your own Book of Shadows, begin with any blank book. This could be a formal journal sold art stores, stationary stores and bookshops. Book of Shadows can also be written in diaries, notebooks, information saved on a computer disk. The instrument the Book of Shadows is written on is not as important as the information that is recorded in it.

Step 2:

Make your Book of Shadows your own - decorate the cover with artwork, glue on favorite herbs, favorite spells, and poems. Inside the front cover place your name and the date that book are starting. This can be simple or involve a clipart book plate. The choices are up to you - this is your journal.

Step 3:

Write entries into your Book of Shadows everyday. They can be long entries about your experiences or short notes of observation. Just remember all Books of Shadows are suggestions as to a ritual, not a "holy write" that is carved in stone. Never feel tied down to make your book like anyone else's - the following are areas and things you may want in your Book of Shadows. The overall goal is to put you in touch with yourself, reach into your beliefs and path of life.

Step 4:

Start simple - write about the weather for example. Not just comments like it's hot or raining but share with your journal how this weather makes you feel. Write about how you can change how you feel. If there has been drastic weather that changes you're surrounding such as floods, heavy snows, hurricanes. Share all the parts of the weather, use all your senses. What do you see, hear, how has it changed your life? Use your Book of Shadows to express fears, grief, inner thoughts that you need to express.

Step 5:

Write down dreams; share all the details you remember. The feelings they caused, memories they may evoke. Note in your journal whether these dreams are repeating over and over. Write down any questions or points of the dreams you want to talk to another about. Use your Book of Shadows to express the time prior to your sleep - reflect on whether they were disturbed or when you slept well - note what you did before bed - did you try a new ritual or incantation.

Step 6:

Write down your magical spells and experiments, and later on, note the results. Write down specifics - special words or tools you used. It is important to note why this certain spell or ritual was preformed. Were you in a learning session with an elder working on a new skill? Share with your journal the things you learned, wisdoms shared, memories made. Your Book of Shadows is the perfect to write down any recipes used in your Wicca healing. Use your Book of Shadows to record your Herbal Grimoire.

Step 7:

Write to the completion of the space in your Book of Shadows. Then note the final entry date on the inside cover. Put your journal aside but not too far. Now start a new Book of Shadows - start your entries now - use the first entry in your new Book of Shadows to notate how it made you feel to finish a complete book. The usage of prior journals is not over - re-reading your journals at a later date is probably the most important thing you will do. Do it with an open mind and carefully think of all the things you have seen, learned, matured. Then write about your experience in your present journal, take the time to write about how things have changed, how you have grown, the people who have come and gone in your life, and so much more.

Tips & Warnings
As you continue to write - you will find more to write about. It is important to always remember that the Book of Shadows is individual thoughts, poems, and beliefs - they are not meant as dogma to change someone else's path.