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MEET Rochelle Moore, Irish Author, Healer and Wiccan

Hello Rochelle:
Recently, a fellow CP interviewed me. The response I got from that interview has been wonderful. SO it got me in thinking why not interview one of our newer CPs. You are one of those. Thanks!)


1)In less of 50 words tell me about yourself, your interest, something you wan to share

I am a celtic witch/healer and author of two books on www.amazon.com. As an eclictic witch (one who works alone) it is my goal in life to teach others what I have been handed down from generation to generation e.g, ancient recipes, herbal cures, natural cures, hence my books are KARMA (a spiritual multi-denominational book) and AROMATHERAPY amp; HERBALISM the complete home users guide. This book lists alphabetically cures, and ancient treatments for both physical and mental illness along with everyday ailments such as acne, eczema and dandruff. I am currently almost finished my third book which I hope to be completed by April of this year.

2)How long have you been a CP at AC? How many articles have you published and how many page views you got so far?

I have been with AC for over a year and have published about 70 articles on various topics. More recently, I have begun a section called WITCH CAULDRON which gives information on how to Bless Houses, Spells for Physical Healing and Spells for inner harmony.

3)How did you learned about AC? Why did you become involved with AC?

I found AC when I followed a link from google and I loved it. AC gives me the freedom to be myself and to reach out to likeminded people. I have met so many wonderful writers and all genres of people on AC

4)Was it for the money? Or something else

Lol... it certainly is not for the money. I live in Ireland hence I only get paid per page views. The main reason is that I love to write and receive feedback whether it is positive or negative.

What do you like to write about and why?
I write about spirituality and how important it is in our everyday lives. I have a few article abstracts from my book KARMA which include; How Karma Effects Our Everyday Health, The Symbol of Yin and Yang and its meanings and from Aromatherapy amp; Herbalism I wrote a few articles about complimentary healthcare, insomnia etc.,. As a witch this is my basic belief system and our international creed is to "HARM NONE".

5)What else would you like to write about?

I have written several articles that are not related to my work and I love to write reviews about books or music. My favorite book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson and my favorite band are Led Zeppelin.

6)What was your first article?

Wow... i think it was called Anxiety - how to treat with aromatherapy amp; herbalism.

7)Did you do it for free? If not how much did you get paid.Do you believe you were treated fairly in your first few articles (meaning approval, money paid, etc)

I am not eligible for payment as I am not based in the US. Anyone outside the US gets paid on a per page viewing only so no parties at my house tonight. I have been treated very fairly by AC and I only ever had one article rejected as someone else bet me to it. The AC content writers are as fast as lightening especially if it is a news related story.

Have you ever used customer service at AC? What has been your experience?

No, I never had the need to contact customer services.

What are your objectives here at AC?

To write and had fun. I love interacting with the other members and I love to read specific articles. I have my own favorite AC content producers whom I always read and as long as I have the time I will continue writing my own articles and await the backlash.

How many times do you check AC?

That totally depends on whether I am writing a book or I have a freelance deadline to make. Sometimes once a week and at other times more frequently.

Do you go to AC to find info on how to become a better writer?

Not personaly, no. I enjoy reading other AC content producers work as well as writing my own content.

Overall, will you keep writing for AC or you think you might go for other online writing places?
Yes, I think as long as I have the time I will continue to write an occasional article for AC. I am a freelance writer so I do write for other places at present.

Tell me something else about yourself that you would like to share. Thanks
Life's too short to stuff mushrooms! Thank you for the wonderful interview and for your valued time.