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Psychic Abilities: Logic or "Magic"

There is a common belief that everyone on earth has psychic ability to some degree. That human beings only utilize a small percentage of their brainpower is common knowledge. But there are many things about the human psyche that escape explanation. How is it that we can predict who is on the other end of the phone when it rings? How do we know that certain things are going to happen to us before they occur? And how is it that we can recognize faces that we've never seen before? Most attribute this phenomenon to psychic ability. We may never be able to predict next week's winning lottery numbers. But the inconsequential "coincidences" that frequently happen to us, are often considered signs that we're developing psychic strength. But how can you really know whether you're psychic, or simply fine-tuned to your surroundings? Here are some common scenarios to ponder...
Psychic Incident #1: You are thinking about a song, and suddenly it comes on the radio.

Logic: The song happens to be a popular one, and has been played frequently enough, that a random guess could be correct.
"Magic": You think of an old, obscure song, and then happen to change stations; the song is playing.

This is a fairly common scenario that happens to millions of people everyday. There is definitely a chance that your prediction of the popular song could be a result of your psychic acumen. However, the subconscious drive to change stations could be considered a more direct indicator that you have latent psychic abilities.

Psychic Incident #2: A friend of yours crosses your mind; the phone rings and it is him/her.

Logic: This friend is someone you're accustomed to speaking to, but haven't heard from in a while. You surmise that a call is "overdue."
"Magic": A friend whom you have not spoken with in a long time enters your mind-then calls you shortly afterwards.

This is perhaps the most popular occurrence of all time. Those people to whom this happens frequently are perhaps more sensitive than others. But the major difference between these two circumstances is the time and distance that separates you from the friend who has suddenly called.

Psychic Incident #3: You accurately predict the occurrence of a minor fender-bender.

Logic: The crash takes place shortly after you've had a chance to survey the traffic and weather conditions-even though you were unaware of when it would happen.
"Magic": You have experienced a "flash image" of the fender-bender a good deal of time before you've even entered your vehicle.

Sometimes predictions occur so quickly before an incident takes place that you are unsure whether you've even had a premonition. Suffice it to say, these random visions are often so hard to recognize that we don't even realize that we're seeing something that will take place in the future.

Psychic Incident #4: You get the feeling that a close loved one will die-and then it happens.

Logic: Any number of qualifying factors could account for your strange feeling: the person's medical history, an ill-looking appearance, or hearsay.
"Magic": You get a disturbing vision of a person's death; or you have a strong "urge" that has come to fruition.

Quite frankly, any "strong feelings" regarding someone's impending death could be considered odd at best. Unless you've had previous knowledge of some issues that would make death a likelihood, it's fairly safe to assume that your inner sensitivities have been heightened.