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Samhain Sites for Kids and Families

Samhain recognizes the end of the sabbat year and gives us a chance to remember those who have passed on. Here are some websites with ideas, recipes, and activities that families may find useful in planning their celebration.
The information contained in these pages will vary in usefulness from person to person and family to family. Everyone believes and celebrates differently, so use what works for you and feel free to pass on what doesn't.


This is an informative site with several links to other pages. Very kid and family focuses with ideas for ritual and some poetry as well.


Here is a page with several activities. Many of the things listed are very generic "Halloween" rather than Samhain, but that information is listed as well. There are some neat natural craft and game ideas presented here such as "Natural Old Maid".


This is a very cool page from a Neopagan Druid site. A word search and some craft activities are included.


I really like this page. It has a very nice look, and several Samhain crafts. Maybe you'd like to try your hand at making a besom this fall or making a door wreath. A poem and some history are also listed.


This is a very basic page with only black text in list form, but it does have some nice ideas for celebrating. I like the candleholder craft.


Great page of Samhain recipes! Don't Bewitching Apple Pancakes sound good?


Here is a UK site that I really enjoyed looking through. There are nice images and information on different traditions and ways to celebrate the Samhain sabbat. Look for the recipes too. How about some "Troll Snot, Mud, and Bug Pie" for dessert?


The Meagan stories are about a little Pagan girl and her family. They usually involve the sabbats. Here is a Samhain story you might enjoy sharing with your children.


It's a Samhain word search game from Paganparenting.com. There are also some coloring pages and other fun things to do on this site. This site is well organized and pretty easy to navigate.


Here is a very simple Samhain pumpkin printout that would be perfect for crafts or just for coloring. These could also be cut out and made into a garland if you wanted to use them in decorating.