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So You've Been a Practicing Witch/Wiccan/Pagan Forever: Now What?

A couple of months ago I decided I needed something in my witchy life. I needed a new book to read. I needed to feel like I was surpassing beyond my basic training, the old spells and the yearly solstice rituals. I just needed something newer, higher, better, faster.
I needed to feel advanced.

But there are few books on advanced Wicca/Witchcraft, or the ones out there that claim to be "advanced" just seem to go over similar rituals. One was just a composite of new gods to try and new entities to contact. It was a rehash of the same ol' same ol'. I despaired, and wanted to know what I could possibly look into.

Yet Wicca/Paganism are first and foremost a religion, and it can be argued that witchcraft is a subset or secular spiritual practice. It's like wanting to be an advanced Jesus worshiper or a hardcore Buddhist. You feel it in your heart and levels/ranks fade away.

But the feeling of wanting more, to know more, to do more, to see more, still reigns. "So now what?" I spammed the message boards.

The overarching verdict is that now it is time to specialize. After thinking long and hard, I found a way to look into myself and find what appeals to me.

The first step is to look at the subjects you are interested in or have the most practice with. I've put them into several overarching categories:

Meditation/trance work


Elemental workings

God/goddess worship

Divination/psychic experiences

Work with the departed


From there, pick your top two categories. For instance, for me it was meditation and elemental workings. Once you have picked two, think about what you practice most under them based on the following list. I realize these can be extensive topics so feel free to add anything you practice to the list if I have missed it. This just acts as an organizational guide for analyzing your specialty.

Meditation/Trance Work

Out-of-body experience

Samatha meditation (to still the mind)

Vipassana meditation (to realize important truths)

Guided meditations (following a script or listening for cues on what to visualize)



Fire magic (candles, bond fires)

Cord Magic

Chaos Magic

Object based magic- talismans, sachets, charms

Sex magic