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Substitutes for Wiccan Tools

Wicca is not about the tools- it's about the religion. You don't really need tools, but they make nice focal items to promote a sense of ritual consciousness. Sometimes we find ourselves without our tools; when we're new to Wicca and just haven't gotten them yet, when we're vacationing or in the middle of a move, when we live with intolerant people and want to keep our faith private. As stated, you can always go without them, or you can try some of these substitutes.
A plastic storage container with a flat cover makes a great altar top, and you can even store your supplies inside. It's also portable and easy to store away in the closet.

Altar Cloth:
If you don't have an altar cloth, use some scrap fabric, vintage table cloths or pillow cases from a thrift shop, a pretty scarf, or even a bandana.

There are many reasons you might not have a ritual knife- you're a minor, or you have children in the house. Instead, get a nice letter opener.

Anointing oils:
Just use pure olive oil from the kitchen.

Don't have a broom? Pick up a small duster at a dollar store. Consecrate and charge it and it'll work just the same.

If you run out of candles, just use birthday candles. Stand them up in a bowl of salt. If you can't burn candles, use battery-powered electric jack-o-lantern lights. Make sure you don't get the strobe kind.

You don't need to spend a hundred dollars on a nice cast-iron, pot-bellied, three-legged cauldron; any pot will do. After all, that's what cauldron's simply were- cooking pots. Iron kettles and pots from the local mega-mart is fine. Brass works nicely too.

Fill a large sea shell, flower pot, or small metal ash tray with sand or salt. Place your incense coals or cones on it. The salt or sand will absorb the heat and prevent the vessel from cracking.

Just grab a cup- any cup. Even a paper cup will do if you need it. It may not be fancy, but it all serves the same purpose.

If you find yourself without a stock of Dragon's Blood, Frankincense and Valerian Root, just raid your spice cabinet. Sprinkle some on incense coals. Dump the contents of a tea bag into a bowl for an offering.

Can't burn incense? Just get a brass oil burning ring for under a dollar. Put it on the bulb of a table lamp and put a few drops of essential oils into it. It will infuse the room with scent just the same. Another option is fresh potpourri

Draw or paint a pentagram on a paper plate with a marker.

I once had none, but wanted to wear something natural set aside especially for ritual. I picked up a plain, white cotton night gown. I also picked up some 100% extra large men's white t-shirts which came down almost to my knees. I kept them in a special drawer just for rituals and dropped some essential oils into the water when washing them.

Staff or Wand:
Any stick or twig that has fallen off a tree will do in a pinch. I also once used a 4" long terminated quartz crystal I bough for a few dollars at a museum as a wand and it worked splendidly.