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The Importance of Christ like Living

I recently read an interesting article entitled Interview with a Pagan. In this interview, the Pagan believer stated that the bad behavior of professing Christians had turned her away from Christianity.
This is not the first time that I have heard non-Christians express that sentiment. As a Christian, this troubles my heart.

Representatives of Christ

As members of the body of Christ, we are His representatives on earth. Although it is unwise of a non-Christian to judge Christianity based on the behavior of Christians rather than the life of Christ, it is done frequently.

I often try to stress to the unsaved that Christians are just like everyone else: we make mistakes, we lose our tempers, we sometimes make bad decisions. We will not be totally free from sin until we dwell in Heaven.

It can be difficult for the unsaved to understand that sincere Christians do not view themselves as superior to others. The fact is that to even become a Christian, humility is necessary. One cannot accept God's gift of salvation without first recognizing that he needs it. This takes humility.

Whenever possible, Christians should try to explain these things to non-Christians when discussing their faith. But this is not always possible. That is why it is important that our actions speak well of our Saviour.

Christ-like Behavior

The Lord Jesus showed us through His life and through His words how we are to conduct ourselves. Dishonesty, impure conduct, and greed reflect badly upon the author of our faith.

If we as Christians cannot measure up even to the world's standards of basic decent human behavior, what does that say about us?

Too often people are content to take the gift of salvation and never stop to think about changing their ways. They dismiss any attempt at godly living as "legalism" and never consider how their behavior could influence another's decisions.

If only we would take the time to search out the Scriptures and learn how our Lord wants us to live! Can you imagine the impact that such godly living would have on the world around us?

So many Christians are eager to "do something" that they end up doing something that alienates the unsaved. Political protests, debates with atheists and similar activities are good examples of this.

No amount of political action or arguing over semantics will draw the unsaved to Christ. It only serves to distract the Christian and widens the gulf between the saved and the unsaved.

If we are to be a positive witness to the Lord Jesus Christ's saving power, we must be doers, and not only hearers, of His words.