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The Menacing Doom

Jonas Peterson was closing up his shop, The Magical World. Jonas was fifty-five years old. He adjusted his glasses as he turned off the lights. It was not a particularly busy day for Jonas. Not too many people were interested in magic these days. Jonas scratched his grayish beard and coughed. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day.
As Jonas walked out the door, he heard a strange sound inside his shop. It was like the sound of an animal in pain. Jonas quickly went back inside the shop to inspect the source of the sound. He glanced at the magic wands, the Casket of Doom, the toy house, and other magical novelties. There was nothing inside. No animals and no humans. But there was a sound! It was getting louder. Jonas noticed that the sound was coming from a book on his counter. In all the years that Jonas had owned his shop, he had never seen a book like the one on his counter.

On the cover of the book, there was a picture of a man dressed in black. He wore a tall top hat. He carried a black cane with a white tip. Next to the man was a black cat with sharp claws and a menacing look. The title of the book was "Dark Evil Magic and Spells." Jonas opened up the book and noticed that on one page there was a picture of a wounded dog. Jonas stood frozen as he saw the dog bark from the picture. A strange voice called out at Jonas and said, "You are now the possessor of one of the greatest and most deadly books in existence. Be careful how you use it. The book can bring you fortune or death. It's your choice."

Jonas closed the book promptly. "This is crazy," thought Jonas. "I do not believe in this book or the voice that I just heard. It's all a bunch of nonsense."

Just then The Magical World started to shake. Magical cards were flying in the air. Magical tubes and magical boxes were also flying around the room. Jonas screamed, "Go away! I don't believe in you! This is only a dream!"

The voice came back again and said, "Open up the book. Now!"

Jonas trembled and picked up "Dark Evil and Spells." He turned to a page where a beautiful enchantress was singing a song of love. There was a spell by the picture. Jonas said the spell out loud. "Wealth shall I have upon this night. But in the end, I shall experience fright."

Upon the completion of the spell, a gorgeous woman appeared from a pink cloud. She had long, flowing, blond hair. Her eyes were light green and her figure was quite delicate. She spoke to Jonas, "I have brought you a present as you shall soon see." Instantly, a pot full of gold and expensive, glittering jewelry laid right in the middle of the shop. "You are now a rich man. Remember the second part of the spell," said the young woman. "Remember, remember..." The beautiful woman vanished in the pink cloud.

Jonas began to laugh. "I'm rich. I can't believe it." Jonas danced around the room. He was happier than he had ever been in the last twenty years. "My adoring wife, Julia, will be so happy. Now I can retire and close the shop. My days with magic are over."

Ah, but Jonas spoke too soon. For Jonas had forgotten about the second part of the spell. As Jonas picked up some of the gold from the pot, a tall figure entered his shop. The gentleman stood over six feet tall. He was dressed in black much like the picture in the book. He had on a tall hat and walked with a black cane.

The stranger walked slowly and deliberately towards Jonas. Looking closer at this man, Jonas noticed that he had a scar on his left cheek. His eyes looked vacant and hollow. He had a long, narrow nose. He smiled in a menacing way. "So you have been given great wealth," remarked the stranger. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Hector Frump. I am a professional magician. I am giving you a very special magic wand. Do with it as you please. One word of warning though. Do not use the wand before midnight. If you do not heed my warning, grave harm will befall you." Hector Frump disappeared in a cloud of green dust.

Jonas examined the wand. It looked ordinary enough. There was an inscription on the wand. It said, "Beware the Phantom Ghost." The wand also had a symbol of the sun and the moon engraved. So much had happened this evening. Jonas looked at his watch. It was 11:30. "I must not use the wand before 12:00," thought Jonas. Fifteen minutes passed and Jonas began to sweat. "I can wait." Time ticked slower and slower. Jonas paced around the pot of gold and jewelry. "I can wait," Jonas thought repeatedly. It was now 11:55. Jonas bit on his lip, "I can wait." Time came to a crawl. "I can't wait any longer," exclaimed Jonas. It was 11:59 and Jonas picked up the magic wand and proclaimed, "I am Jonas, possessor of the powerful magic wand. I yearn to be the greatest magician in history."

Once again, the shop shook. Hector Frump reappeared. His face was disfigured and he looked quite repulsive. His hands were scaly with sharp claws and he hissed as he spoke, "You had everything that a person could want. You had wealth and the great magic wand. But you couldn't resist temptation! Now you shall feel the fright of a thousand deaths."

Jonas saw evil spirits flying around his head. There were specters of evil everywhere. One thousand voices erupted inside his shop. A ghost carrying a chain saw approached Jonas. Another ghost carrying a long 12" dagger surrounded Jonas too. They attacked Jonas but did no harm. They whisked through his body leaving Jonas with an empty, cold feeling. Ten blood thirsty dogs walked right up to Jonas. Their growls were angry and scary. They also passed by Jonas who by this time was completely terrified.. All of a sudden the shop began to shake. A break in the earth was taking place. The pot of gold and jewelry disappeared inside a large crack in the floor. Jonas was slammed into a table by the strong shake. It was a significant earthquake. It all took place inside his shop. Hector lifted up Jonas and hurled him at a cabinet. Jonas weakly got up. He had a cut on his forehead, and there was pain in his left leg.

"Why are you doing this to me?" cried Jonas.

"You didn't listen to my warning," spoke Hector. "You have brought upon your death on this very night."

Hector lunged at Jonas. He slashed Jonas with his sharp claws. He then placed Jonas inside the Cabinet of Doom. Hector took the special magic wand and chanted, "Now is the time for the dance of death, close your eyes for your final breath."

At first, there had been screams coming from inside the cabinet. A couple minute later and the screams disappeared. Jonas had perished. Hector returned to human form and walked out of The Magical World. He put a sign on the door. It said, "Wanted: New Owner." At the bottom of the sign was added, "Wealth is for the Taking."

Hector walked slowly along the sidewalk with his black cane. A black cat joined Hector in his walk. Hector spoke to the cat, "Well my dear Lucifer. This has been a splendid night. I can't wait for my next victim tomorrow." Hector tapped the ground with his cane three times, and Hector and the cat vanished into thin air.