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The Night Satan Came to Visit Me (Not My Story)

The following is someone else's story:

This is a true story. As much as I wish it wasn't...it is. I try not to think about what happened that night fifteen years ago, but it changed me. I felt raw fear like I have never felt before and have not felt since.

Let me start by telling you that I have always believed there is a spirit world. As someone who has always believe in God, it only seems natural that there would be an opposing force. As a teenager, I was very intrigued, and at times consumed by the idea of the dark side. My friends and I tried to summon the spirits with our Ouija boards, and at times the curser moved beneath our fingers (most likely our own doing).

Around this time I also began to study the occult and witchcraft. I felt a sense of power, as if I could somehow use the forces of darkness to vanquish all of the pain from my life. Kids at school who were mean to me or never noticed me before suddenly took notice when they thought I was one of Satan's cohorts. Deep down I was amused, because I knew Satan had no power over me.

However, things began to happen...strange occurrences with no logical explanation. Sometimes I would look in the mirror and see someone standing behind me. She appeared to be a very old woman dressed in black. She never moved or said anything. She just appeared behind me in the mirror, staring at me. When I would turn around, she would be gone.

One night I was awakened by banging noises in the living room. My dog was moaning in this high pitched weird wail that I had never heard before. He seemed very agitated. I got up and ran into the living room to see what was causing all the commotion. Everyone else was asleep in bed and never heard a thing. All of the doors and windows were securely locked as they had been when we had gone to bed, but all of our dining room chairs were in the middle of the living room floor turned upside down. Our lamps were laying on the floor on their sides. Couch cushions were askew. Nothing was missing. It all happened within a minute or less, and the room was unusually cold.

Not long after this, I became a Christian and stopped dabbling in the occult. It was becoming too real and far too scary. I felt scared of the things that were happening as well as scared of the thoughts that would come into my mind. When I became a Christian, I put all of my curiosity for the occult away. I became concerned for others who dabbled in that world. I even wrote the head of the Satanic church a letter, telling him about God's love and healing. After that, I poured myself into school and friends, allowing God to heal my wounds.

Twenty year later, Satan came to visit me at one of the happiest times of my life. I was happily married and we had three beautiful children. I was active in my church, teaching and singing in the choir. I had received no visits from the dark side during those twenty years, but had a few very real encounters with angels.

However, one summer night, it was around three in the morning, and I was having a hard time sleeping due to the heat. So I just lay there thinking about how blessed I was and how much I loved my family. I turned onto my side, put my arm around my husband and whispered, "I love you, honey."

Immediately the room turned so cold I could see my breath and a voice from the hallway growled, "I LOVE YOU, HONEY" in a mocking, hate filled tone. I knew who it was and I was absolutely frozen in fear. Even as I write this, there are chills all over me and tears in my eyes. My husband never heard the voice. He never woke up as I lay there against him in the darkness, trembling. Suddenly these words came to me and I spoke them aloud: "In the name of the Lord Jesus, leave this place." Immediately I felt the presence leave and the room grew warm once again.

I still was unable to move. I held on tightly to my husband as I tried to understand what had just happened. Why would Satan come to visit me after all this time? My life was good. I no longer desired anything having to do with the occult. I loved God with all of my heart and soul.

Then the answer came to me. Satan was angry at my happiness...angry at my desertion from his world into God's world. When he had mocked those loving words I had spoken to my husband, he was telling me "Oh...you love him, huh? You with your picture perfect family. Well...let's see what I can do about THAT." He was threatening to destroy my family.

Ever since that night, it has seemed like my family has been under attack...but Satan must not realize that I am a survivor. With God on my side, nothing can destroy my family...certainly not the powers of Hell. Did the evil one not run in fear at just the mention of Jesus' name?

I will admit that sometimes fear creeps in. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I tremble...afraid I will hear that terrible growling voice again. Why do I fear this? Because Satan is real...just as God is real. I know, because I've met him.

So hold your loved ones tight. Satan is always on the prowl. Just remember that God is always with you...and Satan trembles at His name.