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The Practice of Sanguisortiaria or Blood Magic - the Foundation of Magic

In most spiritual practices there are paths that the followers take that can, given belief and determination, lead them into a closer relationship with their supreme being. Occasionally, these paths are not accepted by the dominant religious belief, but still they exist. They continue to exist because some of the believers in those traditions wanted a more direct, or more tangible link to the divine. They wanted something that they could reach and experience for themselves as opposed to going through some mediator or priest. The ability of such mediation and the power that goes with it is the primary reason that such hierarchies even exist. Most who obtain such power guard it jealously and do not wish to share it with others. It's a way of establishing control. The power to control another person's ability to interact with the divine is the power to control almost all aspects of a person's life, future and even their perceptions of the past.
These people live under the constant implied threat of the removal of divinity in their lives for the perceived wrongs that the priest claims that they have done. This loss of divinity is also the loss of wonder, the loss of mystery and even the loss of hope in their lives. The idea that there can be hope without freedom is foolish and shortsighted. Those without freedom are without hope, wandering lost in the darkness. Those without hope are easy to control. They are willing to grasp at whatever they can, believe whatever they are told.

The paths that emerged and continue to emerge out of various religious traditions are the end result of those individuals that which to meet the diving on their own terms and without the numbing constraints of dogma. In their minds, they are still members of their respective religious traditions. Yet they have formed alliances with others of like minds. They often continue to maintain some or all of the previous religious structure, yet they do it their own way as opposed to the accepted way. They are no longer dogmatic.

Within this lack of dogmatic theology lies the risk in being dogmatic about being non-dogmatic. But that is a risk that these individuals are willing to take, assuming that they are even aware such a risk exists. These individuals have likely always existed, in one degree or another, on the fringes of their society, culture or even tradition. They are respected, feared, hated and loved as they attempt to maintain a balance between heresy and innovation, conformity and rebellion.

Throughout the history of religion in this world, many have wondered what would become of those without a tradition. The answer is not simple or easy. Often those without tradition inadvertently form their own tradition. Some of those on the edges of tradition find even those in non-dogmatic communities to be overly dogmatic. They feel alone and adrift in the world. Desiring something more. Guided by the instinct that there IS more than they have been led to believe. Left with no other choice but to carve a path where one has not yet been laid.

The path set before the Sanguisortiarius, or Blood Sorcerer, is not one that should ever be taken lightly. Once you set out on this path there is only one way out and that is to go forward. Always growing, changing and adapting. There will be no one to help you, no one to lead you. When you walk down this path you do so completely alone.

You may be wondering how it is that magic, in particular Blood Magic can be a path that leads your spirit to the divine instead of leaving you wandering in ignorance. I do not doubt science I revel in it. But I also see that which science lacks. To be more precise, what science has not yet discovered. Science simply hasn't discovered magic yet. It hasn't discovered magic because it isn't looking for it.

Everything in our contemporary world tells us that magic does not exist. We lock people up for believing such nonsense. Instead of listening to the elders of our time and to their stories and wisdom, we place them in nursing homes to await death. We say their minds are addled with time. We worship at the altar of science even when it doesn't offer us anything more than what our senses can behold. We read history and religious texts and scoff at those in the past for believing their unenlightened superstitions. Yet our beliefs are no so very different and more importantly, not so very enlightened. Various concepts seen as accepted scientific principles only 10 years ago are no longer seen as fact. Science lends itself very well to change.

Since childhood we have had our sense of imagination and wonder beaten out of use while being spoon-fed the faulty illusions of our supposed leaders. We demand that our children see the world as we do instead of trying to see it through their eyes. Worse yet, we do not allow our children to see the world as they do by insisting that they conform to our notion of reality and fact. Children can see as are we truly are because they are not yet clouded by dogma and logic.

While we have been raised to worship science and reason, reason and science have never demanded worship. They do not even encourage it. Our leaders taught us that those who believe in magic couldn't believe in science. While science is perhaps one of the most important disciplines that we possess, it is not the only way of knowing and investigating reality. On the contrary, it is but one of many.

Science is a tool and a sorcerer armed with both science and magic is an amazing force to be reckoned with. Magic, like most other aspects of our world when see in its own light, is a viable option spiritual path for one very good reason: simply put, it exists.

Because it exists it can be used. The degree to which it is used depends entirely on the sorcerer using it. The most fundamental elements of Sanguisortiaria or blood magic are comprised of the six towers of which the primary four are Blood, Intent, Knowledge and Harmony. These are found in every aspect of the path. Your use and inclusion of them will determine how successful and powerful you become.

Only if you are strong enough can you take this journey. There is no turning back, only moving forward. Forward through science. Forward through reason. Forward into the mystical world of the divine.

You move forward alone.