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Tough Effective Bible Scriptures for Difficult or Hopeless Situations

I have spent a lot of my life in difficult situations and I just toughed them out because I didn't know about some very helpful and effective scriptures. I'm not saying that these verses are like some magic pill, because they aren't. But they are the word of God and do have the power to change things because they are more effective than any magic pill.

When we discovered the power in speaking these scriptures over situations we have made it a habit of using them in all difficult situations. I also use them out on the road with me in uncounted situations all over this country and globe for individuals and for entire regions and nations.

I'm not listing these verses in the order they are written in the Bible but in the order that they were given to us.

Isaiah 37:33-38:

I was given this passage in the mid 1990's when we were under a person in authority who was hateful and unjust toward our son and especially toward me. He thought he had the right to know everything about my life and ministry and could tell me what to do in public as well as in my own home. He also spread very outrageous and contradictory lies about us to others in the community around us.

Other than living with my birth family, this was about nine years of hell that we had to walk out of even though we were only under this person for three years. The poison he spewed out into our community tainted everything and followed us everywhere.

God kept giving me this scripture over and over again until I paid attention to it. When I began to believe it and to speak it into the situation then I began to see changes in our lives. This person no longer has any authority to affect anything in our lives. His words have been voided out and have returned to him. They no longer chase us anywhere.

This passage tells us that the enemy, who appears to be a lot greater than we are, will not be able to destroy us and he will be sent back to where he came from and be destroyed there. He will never be able to bring this after us again.

When we learned the power of this passage we started using it over our own situations, over other people's situations and over nations and regions. We are still doing so and are seeing changes wherever we have used this.

Nahum 1:

God gave this scripture to my husband in 1999. We had left the person in authority over us for another and we were still dealing the original person's lies. We started using this passage as soon as my husband found it. We had learned from the first scripture to not wait on it but to act immediately.

We found that the entire chapter was very appropriate. This has some similarity to the Isaiah scripture but it very specifically states that the enemy will be destroyed and cannot bring his evil back upon us. It says that God takes the enemy's destruction very seriously and personally and that He goes after the enemy in that light. It also says that the enemy's plans are completely destroyed and cannot be used again. It also speaks of our rejoicing in our salvation from harm and God's protectiveness toward us. We have used this for individuals, for ourselves and for situations. We have seen results come out of this. This isn't just an encouraging chapter. It's also a very helpful one.

The next two scripture passages have similarities and are both used for protection. We had already known about the first one and then we became aware of the second one. They are both very effective when spoken over a situation where we need protection especially if where we are going is potentially difficult or dangerous.

Psalm 91:

This passage promises protection under a variety of threatening situations as well as promises success against any dangerous or difficult condition. It is an all-inclusive promise to protect and to care for us.

Psalm 121:

This scripture is also all encompassing. It covers all contingencies wherever we may be with no exception and with no time limit.

Psalm 5:11-12:

This reference speaks about the protection of the Lord being a joyful thing and compares His favor with an all surrounding shield. We use this passage for when we need favor in a certain situation or for something that we are preparing to go into. It is very effective.

Matthew 18:18-20:

We have known about this scripture for a long time. But we had focused more on the agreement of two or more. Later we realized its value and power in breaking the restraints off of what God has planned for us and for stopping what the enemy would like to do to us. It speaks about the power that agreement has in the spirit realm to put forth God's will and to stop the enemy's intentions. It speaks about the authority, power and effectiveness to be the same on earth as it is in Heaven. This is a very powerful scripture which we have used a lot with very positive results.

Matthew 6:10:

We just learned to start using this a few years ago when nothing else seemed to apply. This scripture is a part of the Lord 's Prayer and it simply says that we are asking for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. This covers all situations, especially when there seems to be no words to apply to the situation. This has been a very powerful way to pray especially when there seem to be no words to cover the situation and we don't know how to pray.