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What is Psychic Dreamwalking

I've always been fascinated by dreams. Nearly every day I share my nocturnal quests and oddball excursions with my fiancé and coworkers, probably much to their disinterest.
I've kept dream journals on and off for years and have done extensive reading on dreams, simply for fun. I'm very familiar with lucid dreaming and have grown interested in astral dreaming. However, it wasn't until recently that I came across psychic dreamwalking.

After reading Psychic Dreamwalking by Michelle Belanger, I cannot help but wonder if others have psychic dreamwalked to me. (It sure would explain a lot in the way of intense dreams I have had involving people from my past, both alive and deceased, as well as various night terrors.)

What is psychic dreamwalking? Certainly something that could take an entire book to explain. However, in this article I will hit upon some points made by Belanger in her book as well as some other sources to explain what this process is, how people use it and the advantages of visiting people in their sleep.

Psychic Dreamwalking vs. Psychic Dreams

First of all, psychic dreamwalking is not the same thing as a psychic dream, or premonition, where one sees the future through dreams. In her book, Belanger defines dreamwalking as, "the art of sending forth a part of the self to make contact with others through the medium of dreams."

Psychic Dreamwalking: Walking in Your Sleep, Sort Of

Have you ever had a dream where it didn't actually feel like you were the dreamer? Perhaps in a dream territory that did not feel like your own? This could mean that you were dreamwalking, or passing into someone else's dream.

Belanger gives examples of friends and family who have lost touch who make connections during dreams, loves meeting for dream escapades, sending important messages to people and more. Of course, much of dreamwalking could also be simply experiments between two people interested in the art to practice and prove its potential.

Being Dreamwalked to:

Belanger expresses to her students and readers of her book to not psychic dreamwalk to someone without permission, as this could be considered a psychic attack. Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of a dreamwalk. This could be described as an instance where it feels as if someone is intruding into your dreamspace, perhaps one that startles you. This could be simply considered a nightmare, and it may well in fact be a nightmare. However, it could have been an unwanted visitor to your dreamspace as well.

Deathbed visitations through dreams can also fall into the psychic dreamwalking realm, perhaps a final message from someone before they pass on.

Four Characteristics of Psychic Dreamwalking, according to author Belanger:

1. There is an existing connection between the dreamer and the walker
2. The dreamer (being walked to) is already asleep in dreaming. The dreamwalker is also almost always asleep.
3. The person being dreamwalked to usually remembers the experience vividly.
4. The interaction between the dreamer and dreamwalker usually feels real.

Can Anybody Psychic Dreamwalk?

According to Belanger, yes. More than 2/3 of her book is about how to psychic dreamwalk, which means the process is nearly impossible to summarize here. Helpful to learning to dreamwalk, however is learning to remember dreams, learning to lucid dream and setting up a quiet sleep haven. Other sources say that learning to psychic dream could take years to master.