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Wicca Guide to Magic Crystals

Crystal magic, like candle magic, is a very key part to most rituals in Wicca. Understanding the lore and element behind the crystals can help you pick which one is the most needed one for the ritual or spell you'd like to work. If you'd like to get a refresher course on the basics of crystals for working crystal magic rituals, this is the article designed to keep you straight. Below the crystal is given, the color, element, its lore, and the correspondences.
Color = Amber
Element = Earth
Lore = Protection, will trap evil
Correspondences = Druidic, Protective

Color = Violet
Element = Water
Lore = A good crystal will vibrate when struck with a tuning fork, and it protects from spirits of wine
Correspondences = Wine, Blood

Garnet (Earth's Blood)
Color = Red/Violet
Element = Earth
Lore = A good grounding and women's stone, good for blood related ailments and iron deficiencies.
Correspondences = Mother, Birth

Hematite (Mirror Rock)
Color = Reflective Silver
Element = Air, Moon
Lore = Protective, reflects negative energy away. Sacred to Morrigan and called "Raven's Eye"
Correspondences = Any Moon

Color = Green banded, some are blue
Element = Earth
Lore = Money stone, also for luck. It's a good stone for gardening. Protective. Often mislabeled as green tiger's eye.
Correspondences = Luck, Commerce

Clear Quartz
Color = Clear and Glassy
Element = Air
Lore = used for Logic and as a scrying crystal. Makes the mind unclouded.
Correspondences = Magic

Rose Quartz
Color = Clear with Pink, or Cloudy Pinl
Element = Air
Lore = Imagination releaser and good for kids
Correspondences = Love, Dreams

Blue Quartz
Color = Pale blue, or Clear with Blue
Element = Air, Water
Lore = good concentration, rain stone, expensive
Correspondences = Lunar, Thunder, Rain

Smoke Quartz (Smoky Topaz)
Color = Clear or Yellow with Gray or Brown Gray
Elements = Air, Fire
Lore = Protective stone, astral stone, very "tempermental" stone. Good for variable people, good stone for someone working with multiple personality disorder or other "differences of order".
Correspondences = Astral, Smoke, Air, Fire, Thunder

Snowflake Obsidian
Color = Black with White, Gray
Element = Fire
Lore = Burn ease, fire prevention. Toss a piece in bbq pit to whiten coals, use to avoid snow problems
Correspondences = Unknown

Blue Tigerseye
Color = Multiblue, reflective
Element = Water, Air
Lore = good for airline fears and boats, wind calling, aka "Siberian Tigers eye" "hawkeye" or "falcon's eye"
Correspondences = Astral Travel, Flight

Brown Tigerseye
Color = Multibrown, reflective
Element = Fire, Earth
Lore = reflects danger away
Correspondences = Sacred to cat gods like Bast

Red Tigerseye
Color = Multired, reflective
Element = Fire
Lore = Physical protection, sword smithing, sacred to Phoenix and Brigid, and physical prowess
Correspondences = Fire, Combat

Color = Sky Blue
Elements = Air, Water
Lore = Protection, Verbal prowess, the bard's stone. General protection. A good stone to tune in to for beginning crystal magic.
Correspondences = Music, Poetry