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Wiccan Money Spells

You can use these spells anytime that you need to get a bit of spare cash. It works great and its never failed for me.
Mint Satchel Money Spell
Practitioners of Voodoo often use Gris-Gris, or satchels carrying small objects as charms in magic. I studied the use of Gris-Gris, and adapted it to write this spell.

In order to cast this spell you will need some sprigs of mint, which you can easily obtain in any grocery store. You will also need a penny, any old one will do, and you will also need a green square of cloth.

Wash the mint off in a bowl of salt water imagining that any and all negative energy is cleansed from the leaves. After you wash the mint off sprinkle some salt water onto the green cloth and imagine the same thing happening to it. Do the same thing to the penny. After all the ritual objects are cleansed gather them up inside the green cloth and chant the following incantation.

"By nature's greenery I claim what's mine, Sacred mother goddess divine I ask that money comes to me as I will so mote it be!"

As you chant the incantation imagine a green energy flowing from your hands into the satchel. After you are done chanting the incantation, put the object into the center of the cloth, fold it, and tie it shut. Keep the satchel wherever you keep your money, whether it be in your bill fold or your purse.

Green Candle Bill Pay
I like to use this spell if I'm a little short on cash for a bill. It works well.
Green candles are often used in money magic. The flame is believed to send off energy into the universe.
For this spell, you will need a green pillar candle, a fire-proof candle holder of your choice, a fire proof container with water in it, a red marker or pen, and your bill. I like to use a scanned copy of my bill since the ritual involves paying it.
Cast this spell on a thursday during the new moon for best results.

Clear off a table in your house, on top of the table set the spell objects. Before you light the candle hold your hands above the wick imagining that all of the negative energy in it leaves the candle. Then imagine that a green light is leaving your hands entering the candle. After this, you may light the candle. Next take the bill and on the amount that is due, "paid in full," in big letters. Next take the bill and light it with the candle imagining that you are calling the company you owe money to and paying your bill. Be very careful not to catch anything on fire! While you are lighting the bill, chant, "Bill, BIll, Bill, you are paid." Chant this three times while holding the image of the bill being paid as long as possible in your head. Before the flame gets too large drop the bill into the water and scream "Paid!" imagining that you are no longer worried about the bill. Leave the candle burning, every night until the bill is paid. Don't worry this spell has never failed for me.