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Halloween Spells for Halloween Witchcraft Fun

I have practiced many different things when it comes to white magic and black magic. I have tried spells that I thought would work, and I have even wasted time doing spells I knew wouldn't work...I tested them out anyway.
I have bought many stupid books over the years, and I have come across many stupid websites with stupid 'waste of time' spells. However over the years I have gotten my fair share of chuckles thanks to some ill informed 'witch'.

I figured seeing how Halloween is right around the corner I would share some of these ridiculous spells I myself have run into. Perhaps you too will get a few chuckles from this load of hooey yourself; or perhaps not. But hey, let me say this, if you waste the time to actual preform these spells and they work... haha... comment me back please!

1. The money spell-

You will need a money tree... or money plant. Dig up the plant and put a quarter underneath it. Do this during a full moon. On the next full moon come back and rip up the plant. The quarter will be actual bills now!

Yeah you'd have to be a real big jackass to try that one. Heck, you'd have to be an even bigger jackass to believe that one.

2. The Beauty Spell-

Of course everyone has days where they feel ugly...heck maybe you are ugly and you want to do a beautifying spell. There is nothing wrong with that, but here is a spell that is all wrong. Just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

You need a mirror. Chant to yourself over and over... I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful. I am beautiful to every man, woman, and child who encounters me.
-Basically you keep chanting this non-sense.

-Next you will notice that your face is becoming more and more beautiful in the mirror. Everyone from now on will see you as beautiful, every man, woman and child that encounters you.

*Seriously if you are dumb enough to believe it, then there is no harm. However chanting at your face in the mirror is not going to make you any prettier. Sorry.

3. The ice wish-

The ice wish is absolutely ludicrous. This spell asks that you write down your wish or desire on a piece of parchment, next you are to take the paper and roll it up using snow. Basically they want you to place the wish in the middle of a snowball. Next take your snowball and place it in a container, or you can leave it as is. You are to put the container in the freezer and leave it there till next year.

Next year at the first snow fall you are to bring your snowball outside and leave it there to melt. As soon as it melts, your wish will come true!

God, how stupid.

This spell only calls for embarrassment, because I hope your wish wasn't too revealing. When the snowball melts, odds are someone is going to come up, find your wish, and laugh at you.

4. The revenge spell-

Sigh, yawn....zzzzzz. This spell claims that by doing it your enemy will wake up suddenly with boils all over his or her body. The spell simply asks for a picture of your enemy, a black candle, and some string. You are to tie the picture of the person to the candle with the string, and chant 'enemy, o' enemy, boils of pain to you from me.'
You are to chant this over and over again until the candle melts down and begins to burn the picture. As you will see, when the picture burns it looks like boils on the persons face.... remember that image, because those are the only actual boils you are going to see.

5. The Sex In A Bottle:

Now this spell could actually work if the person would have worded it for folks right. I'm not here to word it right though, I'm just here to share.

This spell claims that by adding personal items from a crush of yours to a glass bottle and sealing it with black wax and burying it in a path they walk through daily, they eventually will want you.

In the bottle you are to add items of theirs, as well as items of yours. Items such as pictures, pieces of clothing, hair, band aids... etc.

You are to imagine this person loving you, wanting you, needing you... the whole psychotic nine.

After you are done with the bottle, at midnight you are to go and bury the bottle in their yard, or hide it as to where they will never ever find it. Every time they walk past, or over the bottle they will supposedly think of you, and eventually the thoughts will get so deep and uncontrollable, that they will want you.


Yeah... keep digging.

6. The Rainstorm spell-

Who wouldn't want to control weather? Hell if I could do it, I would! But here is a spell that absolutely does not work... I know because my stupid ass went and tried it.

The spell calls for an iron bowl to be filled with water, preferably rain water if you can collect some. You are to surround the bowl with 6 black candles and light them. Next you are to twirl your finger in the water in a counter clockwise motion. As you are doing this you are to imagine rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

After picturing it in your mind perfectly you are then to stop. Let the candles burn over night. After you are done, check the time. The next night, at that exact time when the ritual ended rain will pour. You can shock your friends by pointing at the skies and calling the rain!

Hahaha! God if it only worked! That'd be pretty sweet!

There are so many more spells I have come across, but quite frankly these 6 have been my all time favorite laughable spells.