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Love Break Up Spells To Separate Lovers

Welcome to the latest installment to my Virtual Book of Shadows!
If you are reading this Love spell, the person you desire is in a relationship with someone else. The purpose of this spell is to end that relationship. Be forewarned: THIS IS BLACK MAGIC. This spell could potentially result in unhappiness for your love, or for the person they were with before. Casting Black Magic spells without good intent can have negative drawbacks. Only cast this spell if you are absolutely sure of what you want.


A Black, heart-shaped Candle

A Ritual Knife (Athame)

Frankincense Incense (Cone or Stick)

Incense burner

A handful of Boneset leaves

Bowl safe to burn paper and leaves in.

A picture of the two people you want to break up.
An Altar (Any surface that you can safely burn paper on should suffice).
A small amount of some flammable liquid (Charcoal lighter should suffice)
A Lighter
A match

This sort of spell is unlikely to work if you do not properly prepare your mind for it. You should know how to meditate, and how to maintain focus before you attempt this spell. Throughout the casting of this spell, you should focus very strongly on your intent. Losing focus for even a moment may be enough to ruin the spell.

The first step is to prepare the Altar for the casting. Set the Burning Bowl you selected near the back of the altar, and place the candle upright in front of the bowl. If you are left handed, set the incense burner to the right of the bow, and vice-versa if you are right handed. Load the Incense you selected into the burner, and light the incense.

Grip your Athame in your favored hand, and recite the following, holding the athame (Carefully!) over your heart.

"Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, Moon and Sun, and stars above: Hear my plea. I wish for this couple to be broken up, to make room for me, so mote it be."

Set the Athame down near the black candle, and at this point, light the candle. Pick up the picture(s) of the couple, and tear them up, placing them in the bowl. Toss the Boneset leaves into the bowl, and add the flammable liquid. Stir up the leaves, shredded picture(s), and fluid with your Athame, then carefully (using the match), set them on fire. Once it is lit, say the following:

"Like this black heart candle shall be their love."

Blow out the candle, and carefully cut it in half down the middle with your Athame. Place the two halves in the bowl to burn.

Take whatever is left over in the bowl, and bury it with a few more Boneset leaves to help insure the success of the spell.