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Love Spells To Attract Love

If you're having trouble finding true love, try casting a simple love spell and let a little magic guide the ideal partner into your life.
Casting love spells isn't about turning frogs into handsome young men. Nor do you simply pick out Mr Right and then bewitch him into your arms. Instead, real love magic helps you to focus on the qualities you would like to attract. The right person - whoever that might be - will then come to you.

Love magic should not be used to bend someone else to your will, or coerce them without their knowledge or consent. If you bear this in mind when weaving your spells, you can be sure that the partner you find is truly destined to be your soul-mate.

A candle spell to attract love

To attract a new love into your life, you will need:
A pink candle Lavender, neroli and/or ylang ylang essential oils A sheet of pink paper
1. Describe your idea lover: When you wish to attract a new love into your life, make a list of their ideal qualities on a sheet of pink paper. Never name a specific person, however, even if you do have a dream lover in mind.

2. Anoint your candle: Mix together sensual essential oils such as lavender, neroli, and ylang ylang and rub these into a pink candle. Place the candle over the piece of paper on which you wrote your desired partner's qualities.

3. Focus on your love wish: Light your candle every evening, starting on a Friday when the Moon is nearly full. For a minute or so, think of the kind of person you would like to attract.

4. Wait for your spell to work: While you wait for your love to appear, keep healthy, stay happy and be patient. Your wishes can take time to reach the man of your dreams but if it's going to be good, it's certainly worth waiting for - we sometimes have to kiss an awful lot of toads before we find the magic frog.

Be careful how you word your list - a rich, handsome lover may not necessarily treat you well.

When the Moon is full it is at the height of its power. This is an excellent time to perform love spells concerning fulfillment and abundance.

You will need:
1 red apple Pink and/or red rose petals Red pen Knife Large sheet of pink paper Red ribbon
Red and pink are the color of love, so make sure you use these in your spell to guarantee the best results.

1. As in the previous spell, write down on pink paper the characteristics you're looking for in your ideal love match.

2. Hold your apple up to the Moon and say "Lady Moon of sky above, grant my wish and send me love".

3. Take your knife and use it to carve into the apple an image of two hearts touching.

4. Sprinkle the rose petals over the paper and use it to wrap them and the apple us, with your writing on the inside.

5. Bind the package with the red ribbon, knotting it three times as you speak your wish aloud.

6. Take the package to a natural place such as a park or a wood. Bow to the Moon three times as you walk away. You will soon find the love that you desire.

Remember that there is more than one kind of love. Be careful to choose the right spell ingredients for the kind of relationship that you are hoping to initiate.

For a gentle and loyal relationship, the associated color will be pink, the scent is lavender and rose, flowers are violet or pansy and the demonstrated qualities will be romantic, caring, honest and generous.

The color flame red will draw a passionate relationship which will exude fiery, exciting and adventurous characteristics. The scent used will be ylang ylang and geranium along with red roses or carnations.

The associated color for a long-lasting and fertile relationship is green with patchouli scent, jasmine or iris flowers.