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Marriage Love Spell To Get Married

How to Get a Marriage Proposal for Valentines Day
An old Irish marriage proposal spell that dates back to the Druids and the Celts has been practiced by the fair maidens of the Emerald Island for centuries. The book in which this wonderful spell is written made its way over to the US with my great, great grandmother in the 1800's.

Skeptics might laugh and say there is no such thing, where others who are more of the open minded persuasion, may take the attitude, " it can't hurt to give it a try!

I have seen this work many times over years that the book has been in my possession. The book, which is all hand written, is full of little spells to help people along in the affairs of the heart. This spell speaks to the "day of love" which is celebrated by this particular tribal group. Valentines Day is our practiced "day of love", so this is the time of year I usually share this with my friends.

The most important thing for this entire process is that he does not know what you are doing. It needs to be done in total secrecy.

It starts out with the "gathering phase", these are the things you will need to collect in order to use this spell. They are simple to get, some may require a little quick thinking on your part, but here goes:

The hardest thing to obtain on the list is the most important. You need to get a cloth object that has been close to your loved one, It needs to be something that has been close to him recently and not washed since he has taken it off. This could be the t-shirt he has on, the pillow case that he slept on, even a pair of work gloves that he has been wearing - something that has been close to him with out being washed and cleaned. This might mean you may need to borrow the pillow case that he laid his head on the night before.

A stem of green is the next item. This can be a stem from any flower, as long as it is green. Pull the flower off, it is the stem you will be using.

A slip of ownership. This is strange, but you need a slip of ownership for something. It needs to be a slip of ownership of something you own. This is simple to get, even a cash register receipt for a pack of gum can act as a slip of ownership. Do not borrow one, it needs to be one that you obtained as your very own.

The next item is a shaving of soap that is used by him. You just need a little piece of soap, no bigger than a thumbnail. It has to be from a bar of soap that he has used and that he was the last to use. You might need to suggest he wash his hands at sometime during the time you are together.

Finally, the last item needs to be something that crossed his lips. This means a straw, tooth pick, even the a glass or a cup that he has taken a sip from will do.

This takes two nights to do accomplish. It needs to be done on the 12th and 13th for your "day of love" on February 14th.

The next step is the ceremonial wrapping:
Wrap the stem of green, the shaving of soap, the slip of ownership and the item that has crossed his lips, in the piece of cloth that you obtained from him. If the cloth is not big enough, put a towel down, any towel, and put the piece of cloth on top of the towel. Then place the other items on top of that to wrap up. Use a piece of string, wire or any other thing you can find around the house, even a shoe lace to make a sack out of the material with the stuff in it.

Next get a cup of "tempered water", which means warm, and sprinkle one drop for each letter of his name on top of the bundle. Spell his name out loud while you do this. So, if his name is Bill, you will spell B-I-L-L and drip a drop of water for each letter on the wrapped bundle.

You will do the same for your name, but it will be two drops of water for each letter in your name. Do it exactly the same, spell your name out loud while you do the two drops for each of your name's letters.

The gathering and the ceremonial wrapping are now done.

The final two steps are the placements. This bundle must stay under the place that he sleeps for one night. This means under the bed or mattress that he sleeps on. The next day it is to be removed and two drops of "tempered" or warm water is to be sprinkled on the bundle, which symbolizes the two of you, and placed under the place that you sleep. Under the bed or mattress will do fine. On Valentines day, open up the bundle and "leave in a place of honor opened for the entire day". This means to put it in a favorite place of yours, such as the bathtub, your dresser in you bedroom, or any place else you enjoy. You are done!

The legion on this is long, but in a nut shell it has to go under his bed the first night and then yours. This is to bring him to you. When you open this up on the "day of love" it sends the energy and it will come back full circle with the love of your intended. So, the energy is let go to flow to your loved one and he will come back with a promise of a life of love!

You should get your marriage proposal "before the day turns to the next", this means by midnight.

Even if you are a die hare skeptic, what is it going to hurt to try? You will be surprised and amazed at what an old Irish mystical spell can do!