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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

frequently asked question faq rituals spells magic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you guarantee a spell or ritual to work?

No. If someone guarantees you results with magic, then this person is lying to you. Magic has no guarantee and no matter how strong the spell may be there is still nothing guaranteed. However, I’m ensuring the best possible results by doing my very best.

I am and will always be straight forward and honest to you. Divine powers decide whether spells and rituals are successful or not. These divine powers can control and influence your life and so mote it be.

How long do my rituals or spells need to manifest?

Depending on your situation, spell, faith, and many other factors a ritual or spell can take up to a few months to show effects. Please keep in mind that I cannot give you a guaranteed date when your spell will manifest.

I completely understand your excitement, and you may have doubts or many thoughts about your situation, desires, and the spell. However, thoughts can also be an important factor. Make sure that you got positive thoughts about your desired results and the spell work.

Can I empower the spell in any way?

I put my very best into every spell and ritual. You don’t need to worry and you don’t need to empower my spells. If you’re feeling very excited you can write down your desired end results and visualize your desired end results until you’re feeling good.

Can I help and make sure the spell works?

Yes, we need 100% accurate information about the current situation, what you want, what might block the desired situation to become true, and as much information as possible. I don’t judge you, and everything said will stay between the 2 of us.

If you are not honest with me, I cannot help you. You need to be honest and provide 100% information without letting anything out. I’m very understanding, and I will always be 100% honest to you.

I don’t have enough money for your spells & rituals, can you still help me?

I already do – I love to share my knowledge with my followers. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (Click Here). My channel may look demonic, but I work with infernal and divine forces, and I’m sharing knowledge about both sides.

No matter which side you like, you should understand both sides and none of them are my enemies. If you want to focus on the divine powers, you can check out the YouTube channel or my Magic Spells Blog.

I want to help everyone and I thank you for sharing your appreciation and love with me, but I cannot finance my projects, family, and life with love. My spells and rituals are 100% worth the money, and still I offer my services for a discounted price.

For those of you that are having a hard time paying the money, I have created awesome special discounts. You can find them under the tab “Discounts“.

Why don’t you respond to me?

If you are willing to buy a service and you need final advice or you have got some questions, then I will be happy to answer them.

I dedicate 1 hour per day to answer questions, and I focus my time on my clients, family, and students. If you’re looking for some free knowledge please go to my YouTube channel or my Blog and ask your questions in the comment section.

My email is for my clients, students, and for those that are interested in buying a service from me. Also keep in mind that I don’t want to answer emails 24/7. I want to live my life as well, so, don’t expect me to be always reachable. I’m not a machine.

As a client you can ask me questions concerning your ordered service and anything relevant to that. However, there is not one person on earth that is reachable 24/7. I will answer your questions during my working hours.

I love my clients and students and I’m very patient. If you’re interested in any of my services please feel free to contact me (click here).

Can I pay afterwards?

No. I’m sharing much information for free and you can start learning how to become a powerful sorcerer. It’s not easy and it will take years to reach expert level qualities.

When you’re ordering my service you’re getting these qualities instantly and you can take advantage on them without waiting many years. I’m sacrificing my time, energies, expertise, and expensive ingredients. 

This is why I will not accept payments afterwards.

Do I need to make offerings?

This depends on the ritual, your current situations, and a few other factors, but if it should be needed I will explain everything to you. You don’t need to worry.

Do I need to offer my soul?

Not necessarily. I will never ask you to offer or sell your soul except you know what you are doing and you still want to proceed.

Can I make commitments/pacts with Angels/Demons?

Yes, you can do that. Order my pact service by messaging me (click here). You will need to make an offering to the angel/demon (not your soul).

You can tell me what you want to offer and I will communicate with them and let you know, if they are okay with it or if they want something else as an offering.

Note that I see these beings as gods and I treat them with my utmost respect. They are not granting wishes, but they will direct your life into the right directions. Ultimately you need to put in effort and energy to let your “wishes” come true.

Example: If you want to be rich, then you need to take the chances and opportunities they are sending you and give your very best just like they did and do.

Does Karma hit back?

Yes & No. If you are sending a lot of negativity into the world, then this does not mean you will get it back, but it can make your own soul negative. When we are negative we attract negative beings from the astral.

When those beings are around us they attract misfortune, sickness, and basically negativity. As you can see it’s not Karma that’s “punishing” or “giving back”, but it’s our own energy that attracts other energies.

If we are all positive we attract positive beings of the astral, but it does not mean we’re attracting only positive humans.

It is very important to clean your soul, body, mind, and aura every day. You should also create a powerful protecting aura with white-golden energy. For more visit my YouTube channel.