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Black Angels, Black Magic

As there are Angels from God, there are Black angels as well. These are the criminals of the Universe, but unfortunately we can not lock them up. This lot is up to mischief and can make your life miserable. I’ll tell you what they are, where they come from and what to do about them.

When Creation was underway, one Angel was not going to listen. His name was Lucifer, and he is a bad one.. I’m sure there are people who can tell you more about this character; I don’t want to give him too much credit in this article, only to explain where this sort of unhappiness stems from. You have to understand that Lucifer is allowed to go on, not because he has decided to do so. Also, he is allowed to do only so much, because there is only 1 Boss in the Universe, and not 2.

Suggested Articles

Part 1. Do you have the feeling everything you undertake is all going to custard? If this has been happening for years, there could be a curse on you. This sounds rather medieval, but these curses can be placed on you via ancestors, and could be done before you were born. So, although it has nothing to do with you, you can still suffer.

Now, don’t be too hasty to think there is such a thing going on; it could well be that you make the wrong decisions in your life. But if you truly feel this way, see your local priest or a minister from one of the mainstream churches and ask for a “Blessing of the house”. This involves asking Archangel Michael for protection; for you and your family and animals. It works a dream!
Part 2. Ghosts and spooky things. Hearing voices at night, “seeing” things, frightening you to death, movements where there is no real person is no way to live.

Black angels are the exact opposite from White Angels and want to frighten you. They are usually accompanied by a whole gaggle of other creatures, all of them unpleasant to say the least. Again a Blessing will chase them off immediately, and as extra protection you can put a cross over your bed. This represents God, the Highest Authority and they are deadly afraid of that, as well as Bibles in plain view.

Part 3. Black magic. You should never, ever engage in this sort of thing. No playing with Ouija-boards, no tarot-cards, no voodoo-dolls., no seances. Even as a “joke”. You are inviting creatures into your home, your life of whom you know nothing about. And all these creatures “feed” off you and use you, but not for the good. You’ll feel drained and depressed after a while. Even if you are not a Christian at all, you will feel the effects. In the end you’ll have no life at all anymore.It makes no difference at all to this lot whether you believe in it or not, whether you are a Christian or a Buddhist or something else.

If you’ve read my article “Angels Heavenly Creatures or servants” no doubt you’ll start asking yourself if this lot walks among us as well. The answer is unfortunately “Yes”. They are also dressed very well and look well groomed. The difference is again in the eyes . I have only seen one once, and that was 30 years ago, but when he looked at me it was not a pleasant experience. So don’t feel as if this planet is besieged with mob-members from outer space.

I know, we have to live our lives here and experience a lot. But we are not unprotected, always remember that.

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