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Candle Magick: Simple and Effective Spellwork

Throughout my daily life as a witch I may do several spellworkings per day; however, there is nothing quicker than a simple candle spell. For me the basic candle spell consists of a candle of appropriate color, a special oil that is rubbed on the candle, and then I usually let the candle burn until it goes out naturally then dispose of the candle in either living water or in the ground.
Start your spell by choosing the appropriate color.

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It’s easy to find color concordances online; however, we’ll take a brief look at common colors and purposes. Red is generally used for love spells and protection spells. Blue is generally used for healing spells along with house blessings. Orange is used in prosperity spells. Yellow is used for communication spells and happiness spells. Violet is used for spells involving occult or secret knowledge. Green is used for money spells. Finally, black is used for banishing, binding, hexing, and spell reversal. Note that white can be substituted for any other color except black.

Now, the oil you use to anoint your candle will depend on the purpose of your working. I would suggest buying a book that contains a formulary within it or just find a good herbal and make your own infused oils. Once you’ve chosen your oil anoint your candle. While you anoint your candle you’ll want to charge it for its specific purpose. Charge your candle by forcing energy from your hands or your athame into the candle. Once I’ve anointed my candle I like to place correlating herbs below the candle or candle holder to provide the spell with enhanced purpose.

So, why is candle magick so quick and simple? Unlike other spells, candle magick does not require any major or elaborate ritual and can be done in minutes. Candle magick also successfully incorporates all the four elements into one operation. Now, many people think that candles only represent fire; however, the solid candle represents earth, the melted wax represents water, the smoke of the candle represents air, and of course the candle is the seat of fire. Our candle magick is enhanced when we fully understand the purpose of the candle.

Not only does the candle represent all four elements, but the flame of the candle makes transferring the energy from the spell into the world very easy. Also, you can substitute candle magick for any elaborate spell. For example, a simple prosperity spell could involve anointing an orange candle with High John the Conqueror oil, charging it and letting it burn. I would not recommend disposing of your spent candles in the trash since that can be disrespectful to the elements; however, burying the candle in your yard is a good disposal method.

While you won’t get as much energy out of candle magick as you would an elaborate raising of energy and release of energy, you will provide a gentle current of influence in your daily life. Also, candles can be specially prepared ahead of time for immediate use. Some pagan sellers sell pre-made candle spells; however I prefer to make my own; find what works best for you. Remember, if your looking for a quick and simple spell, candle magick is what you’ve been searching for.

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