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The Real Reason for Christmas

Christmas to us should mean so much more
Than worrying about gifts bought from a store
This present thing,has gotten out of hand
With excessive spending for gifts in demand

We “all” get involved, it’s not just a few
Because over the years,it became the thing to do

Too much advertising, the real meaning got lost
Like New Years resolutions,by so many, it got tossed

Traditions and family first,have fell by the way
To many people now, Christmas is just another day

Remember when we all met at the Grandparents house?
Brothers,sisters,children,and spouse

With a sprig of fresh missletoe over the door
Families enjoying each other,who could ask for more?

We had respect for our elders,a great love for our LORD
And we didn’t buy gifts, that we couldn’t afford

Christmas back then didn’t cause us such stress
It was a time that we realized,how much we were blessed

We would reflect on the event,that caused this celebration
Remembering the Birthday of CHRIST brought us such elation!

We went from house to house,singing Christmas carols,
Back then being out at night didn’t put us in peril

The world would be better, if we’d go back to those ways
Most people refer to them as the good ole’ days

You know,sometimes the “ole’times” are better than new
Keeping CHRIST in Christmas,is somthing we NEED to do.

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